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We are hiring! If you would like to be a member of our Team and drive our Electric Ice Cream Truck, please send an email to auntlali@auntlali.com and tell us why you would be great at this job!


Happy New Year! We are scheduling Weddings and Corporate Events for 2014! We are also scheduling the launch of some new wheels here in LaLi-Land .. stay tuned!


  • AuntLaLi@AuntLaLi

Serving Ice Cream and Espresso Drinks!

Aunt LaLi’s Mobile Cafe combines the traditional feel of ice cream trucks from yesteryear with today’s warmth of your local coffee house.

In addition to Ice Cream Truck Treats & scooped Ice Cream, Aunt LaLi’s serves delicious Espresso, Americanos, Lattes, Cappuccinos and Hot Chocolate, along with individually brewed drip coffee — using 100% Fair Trade, Organic, locally roasted Coffee beans.